Vic Park Farmers Market!

West Australian, locally grown, fresh produce.

Every Sunday from 8am – 12noon at John Macmillan Park, Kent Street, Victoria Park, Perth.

Vic Park Farmers Market

Another #christmasHamper available at market this morning. Just $60 from KM coffee cart #VicPark #FarmersMarket #chistmaspressies #johnmcmillanpark #LifeInThePark ...

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Hampers from Tapas Man. Small $50 (handmade flatbread, marinated olives, chorizo,onion jam, spiced tomato relish). Large $80 (handmade flatbread, marinated olives, chorizo, onion jam, spiced tomato relish, beet root relish, roasted spiced nuts, confit garlic, pate #VicPark #FarmersMarket #JohnMacMillanPark #chistmaspressies #LifeInThePark ...

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Now you can have your full morning coffee fix in an icy cold slushie. Come try a iced coffee slushie from KM Coffee cart this morning. ...

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