Victoria Park Farmers Market


My name is Mario and I’m an activist/ environmentalist/photographer. I ran away from a world I was no longer part of, and now I walk in the woods and the sky.

There is no doubt; this is where I must stay in this dimension to which I belong. Maybe it will only be a phase of my life, maybe it will be forever, but now I want to tell how rich, wonderful, complex and fragile what is left of nature; through my photograph and this blog.

Man is a very destructive species, tends to want everything, to leave his mark on everything. Yet a few steps away from the usual routes, a jump out of the city, a night in the woods and here’s everything else reappears. Very rich, constantly moving and transforming, all in the photos and documentaries, but here next to us.

Now I want to be part of all this grow, transform and die, and I would like to find a way to tell it because everyone understands the value of what’s next to us.